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Dan Bilzerian is professional poker player. He said that “I’VE WON $59M IN THE LAST 12 month PLAYING POKER”. His wining in poker industry is very huge and can’t forgot. You can check his poker ranking here: – http://www.cardplayer.com/poker-players/142308-dan-bilzerian/results/overall

Dan Bilzerian Poker

Dan Bilzerian in Howard Stern show interview 2014

In the Howard Stern show Dan Bilzerian said “I started at a time when people were just getting into poker and nobody knew how to play and the stakes weren’t super high. I was able to play at the highest level the whole time and when you play the biggest games, you’re playing with the rich guys and the really good poker players… I was lucky to play in good games and the learning curve wasn’t too steep.

He had a 94 out of 99 on his military intelligence test and guessed that his net worth is somewhere around $100 million. He added that he owns a used G4 jet and overhauled the interior, although the plane is still a month away from being completed, so he is chartering in the meantime. We hate when that happens.

dan bilzerian poker player 

Bilzerian told Stern that he has 20 people working for him, including three assistants and three chefs. “I have them work 12-hour days and I have a house in LA and a house in Vegas, so I have to have one [chef] in Vegas and one in LA and one who covers,” Bilzerian said of his need for three cooks. “I eat a lot,” he commented, and added that he also parties a lot.

Last December, Bilzerian claimed that he won $10.8 million in one session of poker. He posted on Twitter at the time, “I played poker tonight with 13 million in front of me, heads up 5K/10K, damn what a rush.” Twelve hours following that post, Bilzerian Tweeted, “Won 10.8 million last night playing poker, headed to Puerto Vallarta to relax.”

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Dan Bilzerian in Howard Stern show interview here:

Dan Bilzerian Poker YouTube Video

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