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STEP 1: For apply journalist health card scheme please and click on the login page, enter DPRO ID and password.

STEP 2: Click on Registration → Adding Journalist to Scheme (incase the journalist is not yet enrolled into Journalist Health Scheme).

STEP 3: On clicking ‘adding journalist to scheme’ now enter the basic details. A provision to select whether the journalist is an accredited journalist, if YES, the user needs to enter the journalist ID.

STEP 4: Once mandatory fields are entered, the user needs to click on ‘submit’ button.

STEP 5: On clicking ‘submit’, a message ‘Journalist Code: MBNA00123 Created Successfully’ will pop up.

Now log in with given login details.

STEP 6: Click on Registration → Health Card Enrollment.

STEP 7: Now fill the application form, just putting the details, working details, identification details, address for correspondence etc.

STEP 8: ‘Add details of family members’ to add the beneficiary details.

STEP 9: Once all the mandatory fields like personal details, working details, address, family member details are added, the user now clicks on ‘SAVE‘ button.

STEP 10: SUBMIT THE APPLICATION, a message ‘application for health cad has been submitted and it is pending with DPRO for approval.

Please Contact below addresses for more information about Employees Health Scheme

Aarogyasri Health Care Trust

Road No:46, Jubilee Hills,

Hyderabad – 500033,

Phone No: 040-23547107

For enquirers call 104 (24/7)

Mail to


STEP 1: website =

STEP 2: Go to bottom of website look for Additional Information tab and click to Health Card Status link.

Enter the employee id and pensioner id to search for the application status.

Yes you can search card status using employee’s id or pensioner id.

Once you have find the application is made, you can download the health card. See below.


  • You guys need to access the Journalist web portal where the user has a provision to click on ‘user login’ on the right top of the screen.
  • On clicking ‘user login‘, a page will be displayed where the user has a provision to enter user name and password and then clicks on ‘ login’
  • On clicking ‘login‘, a page will be displayed where the user has a provision to click on Registration → Download Health Card.

Empanelment Online Application form Ehf.Telangana.Gov.In

Guys we are going to share how to apply fresh Empanelment application for dental hospital, dental clinic, psychiatry or opthalmology application. In this article you will know the complete layout of applying Empanelment ONLINE and basic eligibility criteria require to submit the application.


Firstly visit on official website (, now click on to “Empanelment’s” tab and click on the link.

You will guy will be redirected to “EMPANELMENT ONLINE APPLICATION FORM

Now you can select one following option and you can also view the eligibility criteria details once marking the one of option;

  • Normal Application
  • Dental Clinic Application
  • Dental Hospital Application
  • Psychiatry Application
  • Opthalmology Application

Click on Signed up Application (Old/New) -if you have already applied and. Reference no & PIN No for the further processing of the Application.

ENTER Hospital Basic Information

  • Update the Hospital Basic Information and Hospital Mandatory Approval Details
  • If the entered Basic Information details of the Hospital is correct, please click on “OK”, otherwise click on “Cancel”.
  • After Click on “OK”, the alert message will appear.
  • Once Basic Information of the hospital details saved successfully, The popup message will come as “Please Note the Reference number HSINXXXX and secret code XXXX for future reference”, which is as shown in screen shot-IX.
  • Please click on the Button “OK”, before submitting the basic information of the hospital, please add all mandatory attachment. After added the attachments, click on the submit button.
  • Now it will shows as message “hospital Basic information submitted successfully”. Please note that the Hospital Reference Number and Hospital PIN for future reference
  • Now login into your account with login details.
  • Now you can complete the form online or offline.
  • If the Hospital user, the application to be submitted through online please select the “Online” otherwise select “Excel”, and click on “online Application form” or “Excel Application form” respectively.

Tab 1: Basic Information of the Hospital, it was submitted.

Tab 2: General Infrastructure: Note: All the field and attachments are mandatory fields.

Note: All the field and attachments are mandatory fields. General Infrastructure: (i) Basic Units à “1a General” Infrastructure details to be filled.

  • Finally click on the “Save General Infrastructure” details.
  • Note: All the fields and Attachments are mandatory. If any field /attachment kept bank immediately.
  • Click on “OK” button then the curser is at where the Data missed or attachment missed. So please enter the missed data at the field to attach the related document and save the basic infrastructure details.
  • The details of General Infrastructure saved successfully




The applicants who are interested may please contact through the below mentioned e-mail IDs for further details.

Dr.M.Madhavi – Chief Medical Auditor (I/C)

Email- ID:

Dr.U.Rama Krishna, Joint Executive Officer (T)(Empanelment)(I/C)


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