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View Patta Copy Tamil Nadu – Patta Chitta Online Application Status 24X7 online portal to view Patta Copy (Chitta Extract) and A-Register Extract for the agriculture land in Tamil Nadu. We will talk about everything about the patta chitta details online, patta chitta verification, Download Tamil Font and e-service etc.

Welcome to Anytime / Anywhere e-Services of Government of Tamil Nadu. You can view the Patta Copy (Chitta Extract) and A-Register Extract for the agriculture land in Tamil Nadu.

Organization Name: Revenue Administration

Category: Government to Citizen

Service Title: View Chitta – Patta Copy

Description: View Chitta Patta Extract


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How to Check View Patta Copy / A-Register Extract?

  1. Visiting here;, user will find two option;
  • View Patta / Chitta Extract
  • View A-Register Extract

Select the desire option.

I.e. Land Records – View Chitta Extract or DIRECTLY GO HERE

Select District, Taluk, Village and enter the Patta Number

Thereafter, you have to enter one of the Survey Number / Sub Division Numbers under the  Patta. This is to ensure that only genuine users are viewing the Chitta Extract. On furnishing the correct details, the Chitta Extract copy will be displayed by the system . Land Records - View Patta & FMB Chitta Extract

Note: Enter one of the Survey Number and Subdivision Number relating to above Patta Number

  1. If Survey Number is 24/2A, please enter 24 in Survey Number, 2A in Subdivision Number and click Submit
  2. If Survey Number is 24, please enter 24 in Survey Number, leave Subdivision Number blank and click Submit

Now you can fully access the Patta copy and download for the further use, but let me remind you a Unique Reference Number(with the format 24/02/002/00003/99999) will be generated for each request which is also displayed at the footnote  in the Chitta Extract. If any Organisation  / Agency would like to view your Patta details, you can tell them the Reference Number. Using this number, they can verify your Chitta Extract.

A Sample copy of the Patta Chitta Extract, that is displayed, is shown as under.

Patta Chitta

Follow the same steps for the Land Records – View A-Register Extract. 

View A-Register Extract Land Records TN

Here you can view register extract:

Enter  * District * Taluk * Village *  Survey Number * Sub Division Number and Submit it view.

Verify Patta Chitta Extract


Guys just need enter the refernece number to view chitta verification and it won’t take too much time.

How to Install Tamil Font for Download Patta Copy ?

  • First of all download the Tamil font here:
  • Once software has download and save to your desktop.
  • Now click on that software and open or run it the software.
  • Click on “Start” in the left hand bottom corner of the windows status bar.
  • Click on Settings / Control Panel. 8. Click on “Fonts”.
  • Click on “File” in the left top corner.
  • Click on “Install New Font”.
  • Click on “c:” listed under “Drive” window.
  • Click on “c:” listed under “Folders” window.
  • Click on “Documents and Settings”.
  • Click on the user name that you have used to log into your system.
  • Click on “Desktop”
  • All the font files available in your desktop will be displayed under “List of fonts” window.
  • Click on “Bamini (True Type)” and click “OK”. Tamil font has been successfully installed. Refresh the web page and you will be able to see the tamil font.
  • For complete other guidance check this help for installation font:

Why is Patta Chitta or Adangal Extract required?

Land records such as Patta Chitta extract require for various purposes, such as

  1. For land title verification.
  2. Required at Sub-Registrar’s office during property registration.
  3. For taking bank loan.
  4. For personal purposes.
  5. To know genuineness of seller (owner) of land.
  6. Required in Court in case of any civil litigation.


Patta Chitta Website:

Verify Patta:

Verify A-Register Extract:

Land Records – Verify whether Land is Government or Private:

Know your Application status:

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